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50/50 Partnership:

  • Expanded 45 Minute Readings and Single Coaching Sessions ($145 – now $72.50)
  • In Soul Reclamation($399 – now $199.50)

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  • Soul Based Business Program($147 now $73.50)

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  • Six Session Intensive Coaching Package, 6 – 45 Minute Sessions – only $58.25 a session ($699 now $349.50)

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Private Angelic Readings

We are offering two versions, a short one (15 minutes for 50$) and an extended version (45 minutes for 145$).

Short Reading (15 minutes, 50$, incl. recording and free call in number) BOOK HERE

This quick reading gives you the ability to come back to Margaret whenever you would like with whatever question is challenging you at that time! This new service is for 15 minutes – which is more than enough time to respond to a single question! To make it convenient we have scheduled these 15 minute slots in the mornings, evenings and on weekends – at times which could be convenient in any time zone – including Europe and Asia.!

Extended Reading (45 minutes, 145$, incl. recording and free call in number)  BOOK HERE

For those of you who would like to ask two or three questions during your reading we have not only expanded our service – we have even lowered the original price! Now, the 2-3 question reading with Margaret will be for 45 minutes, rather than 30 minutes, and the fee for the service is $145 rather than $150! You are getting 15 more minutes with Margaret, still receiving your FREE recording and saving $5 to boot! And again, we have set up convenient appointment times in the morning, evening and weekends.

Both readings included a FREE complimentary recording as well as the ability to call in FREE via Skype or Webcall (costs of the service provider for those additional services are covered by us). 


NEW advanced Soul Reclamation (formerly Soul Retrieval) (120 minutes, 399$, incl. recording and free call in number) – BOOK HERE or book the Easy Payment

In Soul Reclamation we focus on you and the empowering nature of the fact that you are reclaiming your soul and your power! We bring back your soul energy and in addition we take care of soul loss that occurs when a soul fragment is placed into an energetic space for safe keeping and then not retrieved. Often this can account for a significant part of soul loss. We now bring back this energy as well! We also created a method to help those who have completed the process to trigger memories of joy, to replace memories of trauma, so that your vibration can be raised to a greater place of joy. Margaret assists me in all soul reclamation work and that is the reason for the name change. If the soul retrieval work that we did was more than two years ago please reach out to me so that we can discuss how to retrieve this other energy that may have been placed aside for safe keeping and for info on how to trigger more joyful memories and energy into your life.

Angelic Soul Reclamation is a two hour live telephone session that will follow pre-recorded materials that you will be asked to listen to expand your knowledge, preparation and excitement!

The fee for this service is $399 but can also be paid in three easy monthly installments of only $133. In addition to the call you will receive a FREE recording of the session; follow-up written materials relative to triggering joyful experiences; a link to exercises to assist in Grounding and Releasing Other People’s Cellular Soul energy from your body – as well as lifting energy into your physical space from your surrounding energetic space.

We are also creating a series of videos about the nature of the soul, soul loss and soul reclamation that will be released June 14th. Register HERE to receive the free videos on Soul Reclamation.




While Readings help you to get a sense of direction and ideas about the actions that you could take to help you to create your most joy filled and wonderful life, coaching helps to actually take those actions and to keep you on track to achieve those desires!

Single Session Coaching (45 minutes, 145$, incl. recording and free call in number) – BOOK HERE

This is a great tool to use when you are working toward creating a specific desire in your life and you might be hitting obstacles – or maybe even multiple opportunities and you would like some direction. Margaret and I work together to help you to get a feel for both the “bigger picture” and the practical applications to get you to the place you want to be. Sometimes people start with this session to get a feel for the process and then go on to Group or Intensive Coaching – and other times they are past Coaching or Reading Clients who come back to re-focus and re-group. What sets our coaching experience apart is that you not only have the chance to avail yourself of my over 40 years of experience in many Public, Private and Non-Profit organizations – but you get to be coached by an angel too – who can help you to understand the energy behind your momentum and your blockages! This session is priced just like a 45 minute reading at $145 and is booked in the same manner. 

Six Session Coaching Intensives (6×45 min., 699$ (20% price adv.), incl. recording and free call in number) – BOOK HERE or Book the Easy Payment Plan

This is generally a three month program – with six – 45 minute coaching sessions, usually scheduled every other week at your convenience. It is geared at helping you to achieve 2-3 specific desires within that time frame. It begins with you being asked to complete an Initial Coaching Survey that allows Margaret and me to get a clear sense of what you most want to bring into your life within the next three months and three years. It also helps us to get to see what you consider to be your challenges and successes to date and other great information that allows us to really hit the coaching ground running! We then help you to create very practical and energetic solutions and action items to move you toward those desires and to achieve them! The fee for the Six (45 Minute) Session Coaching Intensive is $699 which is $171 in savings from the six single coaching sessions for $870. There is an Easy Pay Option as well that allows you to pay in 3 Easy Payments of just $233 a month!

Small Group Coaching

This involves groups of no more than ten individuals who are working on a common goal or project. Currently we’ve launched a Group Coaching class in conjunction with the Soul Based Business Program that offers members of the program an extremely affordable direct coaching experience and also offers group support and the development of what very often become life-long friendships. You learn not only from Margaret and myself, but also from Guest Presenters and Organizers. In this current launch we have invited Nicola Neumann, to bring her skills from Amazon; successful start-ups of several businesses and substantial social media expertise, to help our Soul Based Business students to receive mentoring guidance that is priceless! This program consists of five 90 minute sessions, generally every other week, and is only $99 to Members of the Soul Based Business Group and only $199 to new members (including the price of the SBB program). To put that into perspective – it is only $20 per 90 minute class – for direct coaching from Margaret, I, and other expert guests!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those of you who are currently part of an active Coaching Intensive Package can reach out to me for a code that will allow you to schedule your remaining sessions on your own, so we can make it as quick and convenient for you as possible!



Private Day with Gerry & Margaret – BOOK HERE or Book Easy Payment

This session is an opportunity to spend an entire day (4 1/2 hours) with me and Margaret via Telephone or Skype in an individually designed program of anything your heart desires. It can be a combination of Channeling, Coaching, Soul Reclamation and more. You could even have me individually guide you through the angelic communication workshop that teaches you to communicate with your angels. The fee for this service is $699 which is reduced from the regular rate of $870 for that time frame.

Once you register for this I will call you so we can set up a mutually convenient day and a plan for what you would like and then we are all yours! There is also a Easy Pay Option that allows you to pay 3 Easy Payments of $233 per month!

Direct links to book the services:

50$ Reading

45 Minutes Reading

45 Minutes Coaching

Soul Reclamation

Soul Reclamation Easy 3 Payment Plan

Six Session Coaching Intensive

Six  Session Coaching Easy 3 Pay

Personal Day With Gerry and Margaret

Personal Day With Gerry and Margaret Easy 3 Pay

Gift Certificate Extended Angelic Reading

Please contact us for any other form or amount of gift certificate and we’ll send it to you asap!

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