Praise For If You Could Talk to an Angel

“Tears of sadness rolled down my face when I asked Margaret a question that had been troubling me. However, tears of complete joy flooded my body when I got the answer. This book is pure and powerful and so very comforting. When something moves me to my core, I call it ‘big medicine.’ Gerry Gavin’s book If You Could Talk to an Angel, is just that: big, soul medicine. Cherish it and pass it on—for it is a gift.”

— Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Juice and Crazy Sexy Kitchen

“If you’re a fan of the Abraham-Hicks material, then you’re going to love If You Could Talk to an Angel. Full of answers to the deepest questions that we all have, and presented in a simple yet profound manner, this book will bring you a deep sense of peace, contentment, and a knowing that all is well!”

— Nick Ortner, New York Times best-selling author, producer,and CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC

“As a Note from the Universe once said, everyone should be using all of their angels—and Gerry’s Margaret shows exactly why. Their deep love and profound insights into life and its mechanics offer truths that can set us all free from limiting beliefs and undesirable patterns of manifestation. Reading Margaret is like bringing cool water to parched lips.”

— Mike Dooley, New York Times best-selling author of Infinite Possibilities and The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU

“If You Could Talk to an Angel is a special book that not only helped me to understand the deeper questions about life—and made me think— but also touched my soul!”

— John Holland, medium, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author of The Spirit Whisperer: Chronicles of a Medium

Angelic Advice for Today ’s Times…

“If you had the opportunity to sit down in your living room with an angel, what would you want to know? If you could have heavenly advice on your most urgent questions, what would you ask?”

Gerry Gavin, who channels the angel Margaret, posed this prospect to fans of his first book, Messages from Margaret; on his Hay House Radio show; and to leading visionaries in the mind-body-spirit world, including Mike Dooley, Kris Carr, Pam Grout, Nick Ortner, Colette Baron-Reid, davidji, John Holland, Meggan Watterson, Anita Moorjani, Sonia Choquette, Arielle Ford, Barbara Carrellas, Denise Linn, Noah St. John, and Sandra Anne Taylor.

They responded not only with spiritual questions about angels, the afterlife, and reincarnation, but also with practical questions about animal companions, relationships, life purpose, and manifestation.

In If You Could Talk to an Angel, Margaret tackles all of these topics with her trademark humor, offering guidance and breaking down even the most difficult subjects in an easy-to-understand manner.



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More Praise for If You Could Talk to an Angel

“If You Could Talk to an Angel is an inspiring and compelling read. The tenderhearted messages bring celestial guidance on countless issues from personal purpose and relationships to learning how to connect with your own guardian angel. Don’t miss this comprehensive guide to finding your soul’s perspective on love, compassion, and forgiveness—and on creating a wonderful and fulfilling life now!”

— Sandra Anne Taylor, New York Times best-selling author of Your Quantum Breakthrough Code

“My life has been personally touched by angels, and this book helped me to remember why angels are so important in our lives—they bring us hope! Every word in this book speaks to the power of love, joy, and compassion, and how it can change not only our individual lives but the world as well!”

— Sonia Choquette, spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author of The Answer Is Simple and Walking Home

“I have personally experienced Gerry channeling Margaret and felt the expansion of love that emanated from him as she spoke through him. Margaret’s words not only carry wisdom, they also carry a healing vibration that touches your heart!”

— Denise Linn, internationally acclaimed teacher in self-development and author of Kindling the Native Spirit

“Who hasn’t dreamed of talking to an angel? Even better is when that angel answers you. In If You Could Talk to an Angel, Gerry Gavin and Margaret continue to bring light, love, and inspiration to a world that desperately needs it. This book is a gift—treasure it!”

— Noah St. John, best-selling author of AFFORMATIONS®: The Miracle of Positive Self-Talk

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Still more praise for If You Could Talk to an Angel

“In the most gentle and exquisite way, Margaret renders the wisdom of the angelic realm to the practical right-here realities of being human. She answers so many of our most pressing questions, and ultimately gives us the levity and the vision to choose to invite only more love into our lives.”

— Meggan Watterson, author of REVEAL and How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People)

“Just as Gerry brings Margaret’s voice to the world, her words—along with Gerry’s inspirational story—moved me personally to expand my work in helping messengers to trust their wisdom and bring it to life on the page and in the world. This book answers so many important questions while giving us the courage to know that everyone’s words—especially their questions—really matter!”

— Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst” and award-winning author of Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time

“I have watched Gerry channel Margaret and seen them change the lives of so many by teaching them to communicate with their own angels. Margaret is simply awesome! Her ability to explain complex ideas in ways that expand your mind through their simplicity never fails—and this book is no exception!”

— Karen Noé, author of Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss

“When I read If You Could Talk to an Angel, it just brought the biggest smile to my face. One of the first spiritual materials I was attracted to as a teenager was the work of Abraham-Hicks, and this book instantly reminded me of how much I love this style of writing and sharing of information. I love the way this book is presented, especially in the way it shares the answers to so many things many of us often contemplate at our core. Gerry and Margaret clearly care about their audience, and it comes through in this book. This is the kind of book you can just open up daily to a random page, and receive profound wisdom from.”

— Emmanuel Dagher, author of Easy Breezy Prosperity

…keep a journal of sublime memories that you can call upon when time seems to be pressing down on you!

“The Angel Margaret from “If You Could Talk to an Angel.”

Questions are at the very core of the creative process; not only do they cause humans to look more deeply into something, but also they create energy that manifests solutions to those very concerns!

“The Angel Margaret from “If You Could Talk to an Angel.”

I would ask you to imagine for a moment that your essence—the true essence of who you are—is only two steps away from the Creator of all things in the process of creation. Because, in fact, that is the case!

“The Angel Margaret from “If You Could Talk to an Angel.”

At the time of your creation, you were given the option of either remaining a being of pure light, existing in a state of total bliss and love and harmony, or learning about the nature of those things that are not from your same energy.

“The Angel Margaret from “If You Could Talk to an Angel.”

While your higher self works alongside other souls to create different experiential possibilities for your incarnating consciousness, everything else that occurs from the moment of your birth is purely improvisation

“The Angel Margaret from “If You Could Talk to an Angel.”

About the Author- Gerry Gavin

Gerry Gavin is a speaker, life coach, medium, and host of a very popular weekly radio program on Hay House Radio, which has a loyal international following.

He is the creator of the very successful Angels & Shamans workshop, which puts participants in direct connection with their angels and guides. He channels the angel Margaret, who conveys life-changing, down-to-earth angelic advice, at public appearances, on radio programs, and in private readings.

He also specializes in shamanic healing practices that help individuals to reclaim their power, health, and even lost pieces of their soul through a process called soul retrieval.

His work is a combination of modern therapeutic techniques and ancient healing practices that listen to the body, mind, and spirit to help clients reach their fullest potential.

Gerry lives on a small horse farm in New Jersey.

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