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Channeled Angelic Readings: Your Personal “Message from Margaret”

Often I am asked what is it like to have a reading with the Angel Margaret and my response is to say that it is like sitting down in your living room with an angel – and having the opportunity to ask them your most burning personal questions – with the knowledge and comfort of knowing that their response will not only contain awe inspiring “down-to-earth” advice – but it will also be filled with love, compassion and not an ounce of judgment!  Margaret’s messages are not “predictive” by nature, because angels are not at liberty to “tell you” things that could interfere with your free will. Instead, her advice will help you to have the tools to actually create the life that you would like your future to hold!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Readings

How does a reading with Margaret work?

It’s really very easy. Before the time for your reading, I ask you to send me 2-3 of your most burning questions (for an average 1/2 hr reading – longer readings offer time for more questions).  I will then channel Margaret live and you will be able to interact with her as she answers your questions and offers you specific advice as to how to increase the level of joy in your life.

What do most people ask? Can Margaret tell me my future?

I usually advise people to treat the reading as though they have the opportunity to actually sit down and talk to an angel. If you had the chance to speak to someone who understands the “big picture” and who was one step away from the Creator…what would you want to ask? The questions can be personal, or they can be more general. Margaret will not predict your future however. She has always stated that your future is something that you create, every day, by the decisions that you are making. So therefore, there is no clear cut path that has absolute certainty at this time. She will, however, advise you on the things that would be most helpful for you to do that would assist you in creating the life and future that you long to have. She can also help you with your personal relationships since she understands the feelings and motivations of all the souls with which we interact. She is also able to contact the souls of those who have already crossed over through death.

How long does a reading with Margaret take?

That depends on the number of questions you ask, and the depth of the answers to those questions. The average reading takes between 1/2 hour and one hour.

Do I have an Angel and can Margaret tell me the name of my angel?

We all have angels who are connected to us and interact with us on a daily basis. We have come to know these angels as “guardian angels”. If you feel that you know the name of your angel Margaret will confirm that for you…but she does not directly tell you a name…as discovering or “remembering” your angel’s name is a very important part of the energetic connection with them, and it is the first step in being able to communicate directly with them. On this site, there is a workshop called “Angels and Shamans” that will enable you to not only get the name of your angel, but it will allow you to communicate with your angel whenever you like.

How do I arrange for a reading with Margaret?

You can schedule a reading by e-mailing  Readings are primarily done in the evenings, and on weekends, for your convenience. A day before the reading is scheduled to take place you will receive an e-mail outlining the telephone number – or Skype address that you can call into to speak with Gerry and Margaret. This is a special internet platform that allows you to call into available local telephone numbers throughout the US – or through Skype for international callers. The call is also recorded, at no additional charge,  so that you will have a keepsake of the reading. A link to the reading will be sent to you afterward.

How much do readings cost?

Again, that depends on how long the reading takes. An average reading takes between 1/2 hour to an  hour, and I generally schedule readings with some room in between in case they go over.  So I would suggest that you schedule a half hour readings @ $150.

Do you ever do any discounted or free readings?

Yes.  If you sign up for the weekly e-mail newsletter, Margaret and I will reach out to one new person a month to offer a free 1/2 hour reading every week!    Just register for the e-mail newsletter at the top of any page on this site. Then send us an e-mail with your question asking to be involved in the monthly drawing to  Even if you are not chosen for the free reading I encourage you to follow Messages from Margaret on Facebook, as she will be answering some of your questions there as well (with your permission of course).  From time to time we also offer discounts on readings that are tied into events that Gerry is  attending.  There are also a 20%  discounts available for your reading if you also refer someone who completes a reading. Please make sure to have the person let Gerry know that you referred them at the time of their reading.

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