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Sending Resentment Back Where it Came From

May 9, 2017 by gerry

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,


There is an interesting thing that happens with the change of the seasons and currently it is happening in the North East where Gerry lives. The temperatures are unseasonably cool – following some days of seasonal warmth. For many, this causes them to feel frustration as they were ready to move into the new season and had put away their warmer clothes. They are ready to move on – but the current weather is a reminder of how much they dislike the cooler weather – and it becomes a predominant part of thought and conversation. For others, who like the cooler weather, it is a welcome relief and a delay to the warm days of summer ahead. The thing that both of these groups hold in common is that neither one is firmly planted in the present moment. Neither has the opportunity to fully engage with and enjoy the current state of the environment – because they are either resenting the current weather as reminder of the past – or resenting the yet to come future weather – as a reminder of the past! Re-sent-ment is perhaps one of the most prevalent thought processes and yet it does nothing more than rob you of your power in the present moment!

What are the things that you might resent? Do you resent the success of another? Do you resent all that you put into relationships, never feeling that you get anything back? Do you resent your lack of freedom in your current situation? Do you resent your lack of finances? Do you resent things that you did for others in the past? Whatever it is that you resent, what you are truly doing is re-sending your energy to a time in your past where you felt under-valued and bringing that energy to the present moment. When you look at it, all resentment stems from feeling under-valued – either by other’s or by yourself. What causes the feelings of being under-valued is the act of comparison! You will compare your success; finances; sex life; joy and even more, to those experiences that someone else is having. When they have something that you do not have then it calls forward the energy from when you first felt a sense of loss and feeling “less than” and that causes the same feeling to re-surface in your adult self. You may have first felt that feeling when a neighbor girl had a lovely dress that your family could not get – or when someone was able to dance or run or jump better than you. The operative word there is “better!” You see someone’s success at doing something that you did not accomplish as an indication of your having less value. When you call that old thought forward to your adult self, (re-sent-ment) you now feel that same sense of feeling “less-than.” Only now, your adult being is calling back the feeling of that same emotional pain.

Many wise people have already said the words I am about to say, but I feel that they so need to be repeated. Please dear ones, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! There is no comparison to you – you are a completely unique individual. No one else has had your unique experiences and brings your unique being to the table. No one else comes from your unique soul energy! Celebrate your uniqueness and when you see success in others then call up the memory of what it felt like when you had a successful experience and feel that energy for that other person.  There is no lack of “success” energy in the universe. It is essentially the joy one feels from the expansion of your experience! YOU MANUFACTURE IT, so there is no reason to believe that anything is beyond creation.  If you feel yourself going into rejection say the Afformation, “Why is it so easy to let go of my resentments” or “Why is it so easy to feel joy for others success!”

Also, it is wonderful to take some time one day to sit down and make a list of your past successes. And by past successes I mean ALL OF THEM! Look at all the things that you learned to do that now you take for granted.  Remember how hard it was in the beginning to learn to walk; swallow a pill; to ride a two wheel bike; to learn to read words like these; to find your first job; to ask for your first date; to have a child; to buy or rent a home; to finish High School, or College or higher! If you keep looking you will find a million other wonderful successes that are a part of your life – and if you have trouble ask your angel for help and say “why is it so easy for me to remember my successes!” One cannot feel resentment at the same time as they are feeling successful – because then you only see the success of others as proof that the energy of success is boundless and that what truly sets you apart from others is only your perception of your own success! You are successful, you are powerful – you are divine!!!

Go in peace, love and success,


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