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What is Soul Reclamation?

We all know that human life is “wireless”. We are able to walk, talk and think without being “directly” connected to any power source. But just like cell phones, we are connected to some energy source at a “cellular” and “wireless” level, and each of us has a very unique “number” or frequency that identifies our energy. Science has even identified this unique structure with the discovery of DNA. This is the energy that gives us the ability to think uniquely like us, that causes our hearts to beat, that gives us our emotions and makes us “individuals”. Most cultures and many religions refer to this as “the soul”. For century’s shamans, the healers of tribal people, have helped them to reconnect pieces of their soul that have left their body, due to differing levels of traumatic experience. Through the process of “Soul Reclamation”, I can assist you in returning lost soul pieces, and we can send back past emotional baggage that you may or may not be aware that you are holding. This process will help make you become a healthier, stronger and happier person.

Our new Angelic Soul Reclamation (formerly Soul Retrieval)

Q: I have already experienced Soul Retrieval with you and it was an amazing experience! Is Angelic Soul Reclamation the same thing or is it something different that I should consider doing?

A: Angelic Soul Reclamation is a process very similar to Soul Retrieval but includes several components that Margaret assisted in bringing to this work over the last couple of years. Soul Retrieval, as I had been trained to do it in the past, included returning your soul (life force) energy that had been lost through trauma or unconsciously giving your soul energy away.

In Soul Reclamation we focus on you and the empowering nature of the fact that you are reclaiming your soul and your power! We still bring back all of the energy we did in the past – but in addition Margaret made me aware of soul loss that occurs when a soul fragment is placed into an energetic space for safe keeping and then not retrieved. Often this can account for a significant part of soul loss. We now bring back this energy as well! In addition, she created a method to help those who have completed the process to trigger memories of joy, to replace memories of trauma, so that your vibration can be raised to a greater place of joy. Margaret now assists me in all soul reclamation work and that is the reason for the name change. If the soul retrieval work that we did was more than two years ago please reach out to me so that we can discuss how to retrieve this other energy that may have been placed aside for safe keeping and for info on how to trigger more joyful memories and energy into your life.

If you are interested in Angelic Soul Reclamation – it is generally a two hour live telephone session that will follow pre-recorded materials that you will be asked to listen to expand your knowledge, preparation and excitement!

The fee for this service is $399. In addition to the call you will receive a FREE recording of the session; follow-up written materials relative to triggering joyful experiences; a link to exercises to assist in Grounding and Releasing Other People’s Cellular Soul energy from your body – as well as lifting energy into your physical space from your surrounding energetic space.

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