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What to do when your life is falling apart?

July 11, 2017 by gerry


Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

My message this week is a little different – for it comes in two parts – one now and one later! I want to begin with the topic of what to do when you feel like your life is falling apart around you! I know that you have all experienced this feeling in one way or another and that many of you have experienced it more than once! It comes when the situations that you had been expecting turn out to be not what you had expected – so you continue to struggle to bring that which you desire into fruition and as you are doing this you are not paying attention to other parts of your life – that are slowly unraveling. It is like that small crack in the windshield of your car that happens at a time when you might not be able to afford to fix it – because you are focused on spending your money in a different direction – but then it grows larger and larger until you can no longer ignore the problem.  The issue is being able to move your focus to those things that are most important and trusting that the other things will fall into place – or maybe were not intended to fall into place after all.

Now here is the different part of this week’s message – I ask you please to join me on the radio program – live this evening at 6pm Eastern – or in a replay later in the week – where I can share my advice on how you can best address this and more importantly, why it may keep happening! I long tonight to also hear your questions about this and to help you to move forward! And I will also answer it on the blog after the show as well. I just wish so much to bring you into a community of other like minded individuals who have come here to help each other. The truth is, your lives are not falling apart, they are actually coming together in a different direction and I would love to help you to see how you can identify that direction!

Speak to you more tonight on the radio show!



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