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Angelic Channel, Shamanic Healer, Author & Life Coach
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In hundreds upon hundreds of readings with Margaret, one of the most common questions participants have asked Margaret to help them to understand their true purpose and how they can find work – or make changes to their current work – that would nourish their body and soul!

This started to come up so often that Margaret and I put together a program which would respond to these questions in three distinct areas:

A program that would allow Margaret and I to personally assist you in identifying your distinct soul’s passion and direction.

A program that would create a community of like-minded individuals, nurtured in small groups, for the purpose of facilitating a supportive environment and a “collective soul” to share creative concepts and to form worldwide friendships.

A program that will create a networking platform to bring these new ideas and new “soul based” business concepts to the world, through specially created group Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. We are building a system based not in competition – but cooperation!

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