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Coaching with Gerry and Margaret

From time to time in everyone’s life there comes a point where our lives are not moving in the direction – or with the speed that we would like them to move. Maybe we feel stuck – in a job, a relationship, an addictive behavior – or maybe we feel like we have hit a plateau and something seems to be blocking us from achieving more joy in our lives.

Whatever that joy might be – money and abundance, better relationships, a healthier lifestyle or even a deeper sense of spiritual well-being – Margaret has been helping people to achieve this for years!

Personal or Group Coaching with Gerry and Margaret is a completely unique experience.  Gerry brings a lifetime of practical experience that began as a social worker and grew through over forty years of knowledge in the public – private – entertainment and entrepreneurial sectors.  Margaret brings the ability to see things from a higher perspective. She is able to remove all judgment from her explanations of situations in your life so that you can see clearly how powerful you really are to create the life you desire – and with her guidance it becomes so much easier!

Both group and personal coaching begin with you completing and Introductory Questionnaire, that will help both you and Gerry and Margaret to see how you can best be assisted.  Then all initial coaching clients commit to a minimum of six sessions – generally every other week, over three months.  Specific goals are identified, as are ways of measuring your success.

PRIVATE COACHING sessions are 45 min long and $150 and each session builds upon the other to help to maintain momentum.  Emergency sessions are also available at the same private rate. Paying in full for the complete six sessions also will secure you a 10% discount.


Gerry and Margaret have been accepting a small group of  private coaching clients for the six session- three month intensive at a very substantial discount of 40% off the full coaching rate and 10% off for payment in full.  This means that a six session intensive – normally $900 ($810 when paid in full) – is only  $540 ($486 when paid in full)! Right now there are THREE COACHING SLOTS that just became AVAILABLE!!!  Because we know that Gerry’s schedule is going to be getting much busier with the “Living Room Tour,” it is uncertain how many more coaching clients he and Margaret will be taking in 2017. So these three slots could be the final coaching intensive slots – and will certainly be the last at the discounted package price.

Once you secure for your PRIVATE 6 session coaching package – by clicking on the link below – Gerry will reach out to you with an Initial Coaching Questionnaire – which helps to determine your most pressing desires and how we can help you to make them happen!  As soon as the final three coaching sessions are filled this link below will be taken down!

Click HERE to pay for and reserve your spot and then e-mail to let him know you have signed up.

For more information about group coaching sessions with Gerry and Margaret please e-mail Gerry at

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