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Register NOW your seat for our upcoming Soul Based Business Webinar Spring Class 2017!

Wed May 31th – 4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET

We’ll dive into the new platform, answer your questions and give you insights about upcoming program features and tools that will help you to create the Business and Life of your DREAMS!!

PS: Reserve your seat and you’ll get our White Paper: “Creating Social Media From the Soul” – This paper is being compiled by Nicola Neumann who is supporting me with Marketing and PR. Nicola has been in the sales and marketing business for more than 12 years including companies like Amazon and she’s created a very successful Champagne Business in 2014 that is operating all over Europe! Don’t miss this piece!

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Soul Based Business Program – New Spring  2017 Session!

If you are ready to change how you spend 1/3 of your life we are here to help you! In hundreds upon hundreds of readings with Margaret, one of the most common questions participants have asked Margaret to help them to understand their true purpose and how they can find work – or make changes to their current work – that would nourish their body and soul!

This started to come up so often that Margaret and I put together a program which would respond to these questions in three distinct areas:

  • A program that would allow Margaret and I to personally assist you in identifying your distinct soul’s passion and direction.
  • A program that would create a community of like-minded individuals, nurtured in small groups, for the purpose of facilitating a supportive environment and a “collective soul” to share creative concepts and to form worldwide friendships.
  • A program that will create a networking platform to bring these new ideas and new “soul based” business concepts to the world, through specially created group Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. We are building a system based not in competition – but cooperation!

It was also very important to both Margaret and me to make this program as affordable as possible so that money would not be a factor to keep you from pursuing your dreams!

Here’s How It Works:

We provide you with four current pre-recorded audio sessions, (More to come in 2017) taught by both Margaret and Gerry. Each session will build on the last, so we recommend that you listen to them and complete the assigned exercises in order.

We have secured the services of one of the world’s largest webinar companies,  to allow you to link to these pre-recorded sessions. You can take the class at your time – your schedule – when you have privacy and are at your best so that you can be totally present and enjoy every moment participating…and you can download all of the sessions to your favorite personal device!

Additionally there is a private Facebook page that will allow all of the participants to get to know fellow students and ask questions about the program. This Facebook page will also be a wonderful opportunity for a network of creative visionaries to come together to share ideas with each other – all over the world. When we taught this program back in 2012 there were participants from four continents! We have also expanded this program from three 90 minute sessions to four and we have kept the cost the same!

What will we cover?

This program is not like any other business training program, and Margaret’s intention is to help you to learn how to follow your soul’s passion and to apply that to the world you live in by practical application. Essentially, how to earn a livelihood while living your life’s passion.

The vision of  this program to be something that will become an ongoing part of the growth of your soul and your business – and the first four sessions are geared to get you moving in that direction!

Session 1:            Uncovering and Assessing Your Soul’s Passion and Direction

Session 2:            Uncovering the Blocks That Keep You from Success and Happiness

Session 3:            Discovering the Hidden Power You Have Already Developed and Creating Your SBB Mission

Session 4:           Creating Your Soul Based Business – And Soul Based Life!!!

New for Spring 2017!

Session 5:           Learning to Harness the Power of Momentum & Converting the Power or Resistance!

The SBB is a step by step process, that shows you how to move from your current life to the life you are trying to create. How to develop a business model,a financial plan, a timeline and how to fight off self – sabotage.

This is created to serve you according to your schedule and all the sessions (including Session 5) are now available. We are beginning a new session of the SBB Program on that day, bringing together new students and students from the past to share some new recordings, a brand new all-inclusive web-page and to have a special closed group teleseminar!  They will be yours to listen to whenever you like and as often as you like! The new program will be a Lifetime Program – receiving all new updates of the program – at no additional annual update cost!

The New Lifetime Program Is OPEN!

All new students who sign up for the program will immeditely get lifetime access to our new membership website with all of the current materials.

The secure this amazing program for only $147 just go to: Course Directory

For those who are still on the fence we’ve created a private webinar on May 31st. where we are showing the new platform, answer your questions and give some beneficial insights on how to improve your Soul based Business and Life!

Register your seat and receive your free gift!

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