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50/50 Partnership:

Soul Based Business Program ($147 now $73.50)

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NEW: Small Group Coaching Intensive – By Gerry Gavin & Nicola Neumann – See WEBINAR

Get started but without the pressure of needing to meet a specific goal. We’ve created a safe environment that helps you taking the first steps, supports you in facing potential fears and allows you to experience where the first steps are leading you. Nicola and Gerry are guiding this group experience together. Nicola brings in her experience as being a soul based entrepreneur running a successful online wine business but she also knows how to overcome major setbacks on the way in creating a company, service or product.

  • The Coaching Intensive lasts 5 weeks, containing 5 interactive webinars + private Facebook group.
  • Each small group contains not more than 10 people.
  • Each week covers one class of the SBB Program + two persons of the group share their projects to get feedback.
  • A new group intensive starts in June, times will be set based on the locations of participants + videos are available as replay.

Costs of this program:
99$ for Soul Based Business Members – BOOK HERE
199$ for people that are new to the Soul Based Business Program – BOOK HERE

147$ for Soul Based Business Programm Only – BOOK HERE


The Soul Based Business Program

The Number One “Interactive Online Course to develop a working environment that is based on you Soul’s Passion and Desires”!

If you are ready to change how you spend 1/3 or even half of your life we are here to help you!

In hundreds upon hundreds of coaching sessions, one the most common questions people have asked, was to help them understand their true purpose and how they can find or create a working environment, that would nourish their mind, creativity and soul!

We put together a program which enables you to –

  • Identify your distinct soul’s passion and direction.
  • Move step by step from your current life to the life you are desiring to create.
  • Understand and overcome the hurdals and obstacles that are holding you back
  • Develop a business model, financial plan, timeline.
  • Become a member of a community of like-minded individuals, offering a supportive environment.
  • Get a member of our global networking platform to bring your “Soul Business” to the world!

Here’s How It Works:

There are five classes with pre-recorded audio sessions and dedicated exersizes. Each session builds on the last and you can work on them at your time and schedule. Additionally there is a private Facebook page to connect with other Creative Visionaries from all over the world and ask questions about the program. All students that sign up for the program will get lifetime access to the membership website and the private facebook community.

What will we cover?

Session 1:            Uncovering and Assessing Your Soul’s Passion and Direction

Session 2:            Uncovering the Blocks That Keep You from Success and Happiness

Session 3:            Discovering the Hidden Power You Have Already Developed and Creating Your SBB Mission

Session 4:           Creating Your Soul Based Business – And Soul Based Life

Session 5:           Learning to Harness the Power of Momentum & Converting the Power or Resistance

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