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It’s a matter of trust

July 18, 2017 by gerry

Hi My Fellow Learners,

When I refer to you as my fellow learners it is not just a different way of beginning a weekly newsletter. We really are all learning from day to day and it doesn’t matter if you are on the writing end of this message – or the reading end – there is always so very much to be learned.

Often times when you are in the position of being an author, or a teacher, the concept that many people have is that we have reached the point in our lives where we have it all together and we just move through life in a constant state of bliss! Personally, I have never met anyone in this field; myself definitely included, who experiences life in this manner.

We are all human and whenever your life brings you through one set of challenges there is always another one around the corner. The other night, Margaret stated an example of that, when she spoke of our evolution of experiences like being that of a musician. The same could be said of so many disciplines, but in this scenario Margaret used the example of a piano player.

If one were to listen to them playing in concert they would think, “Wow, this person is amazing – they make it look so easy – they are so good at what they do – I don’t know if I could ever be that good!”  But if they were to be there when the pianist was first learning the piece, and they did not know how skilled they were, they would hear them start and stop and make errors in the process – and their reaction might be to say, “I heard so much about this person – but they really don’t seem that good!”

That’s because when we are in the midst of learning something we don’t have it down. We stumble with things that are new – until we figure things out and get our balance – and then suddenly we are able to do that thing almost without thinking. For those of you who drive, can you remember how hard it was when you were learning? We learned how to gauge the right pressure on the pedals – how to properly judge the turns – and how to watch out for and react to other drivers. But as time goes on you begin to do these things without having to really focus on doing them. They become an extension of you – something as natural as walking.

There are so many other situations in which we have done this and proven to ourselves that we are so capable of expansion in so many ways. But what can cause us to struggle with new things that come before us is that we forget to have TRUST!

TRUST – Trust is what you need in order to live your passion, to overcome curve balls, break through patterns that don’t serve you and let go of things that drag you down. You have to enter new paths and therefore you need trust in your core inner self and inner beliefs.

Trust that your soul is simply perfect love and truth and that you can connect to this trust-filled state.

On today’s radio program Margaret discusses the quandary of maintaining trust and ways to cultivate it. I am looking forward to this show as there have been many things in my life of late that have caused me to question some of my deep inner beliefs – and when that happens I know it is time for a reminder of all the miracles that have already happened in my life..!

This week and in the weeks to come, the radio program is moving to 6:30PM Eastern and 3:30PM Pacific for its live airing!  If you could use some help from Margaret in jump starting your internal trust –please don’t miss this program and please feel free to call in! We love your calls and they help so many people!

I wanted to share one last thing with all of you about helping other people and the 50/50 Partnership Program that I instituted a couple of weeks back. I decided to extend this program and please know that in your becoming a part of this it is not just about my helping you with a 50% discount on all of our services. You are helping me as well! You are confirming in me the trust that if we can make services more affordable that more of you will be able to take advantage of them more easily and quickly. And you are also helping me to be able to support my family and to continue to be able to do this kind of work! 

So we are supporting each other and we truly are 50/50 partners in helping each other to keep on trusting that we can change the world – we can expand the love and the care and the healing – and we can make a difference!

So I thank all of you who join this partnership for you are helping me to keep Margaret’s Messages flowing and bringing Soul’s home all over the world. You also reaffirm my trust that we are all in this together – and that together we can do anything!!! The box below has all the details and links. Let’s help each other to be all that we can be!

With great love and gratitude!


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