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It’s a matter of trust

July 18, 2017 by gerry

Hi My Fellow Learners,

When I refer to you as my fellow learners it is not just a different way of beginning a weekly newsletter. We really are all learning from day to day and it doesn’t matter if you are on the writing end of this message – or the reading end – there is always so very much to be learned.

Often times when you are in the position of being an author, or a teacher, the concept that many people have is that we have reached the point in our lives where we have it all together and we just move through life in a constant state of bliss! Personally, I have never met anyone in this field; myself definitely included, who experiences life in this manner.

We are all human and whenever your life brings you through one set of challenges there is always another one around the corner. The other night, Margaret stated an example of that, when she spoke of our evolution of experiences like being that of a musician. The same could be said of so many disciplines, but in this scenario Margaret used the example of a piano player.

If one were to listen to them playing in concert they would think, “Wow, this person is amazing – they make it look so easy – they are so good at what they do – I don’t know if I could ever be that good!”  But if they were to be there when the pianist was first learning the piece, and they did not know how skilled they were, they would hear them start and stop and make errors in the process – and their reaction might be to say, “I heard so much about this person – but they really don’t seem that good!”

That’s because when we are in the midst of learning something we don’t have it down. We stumble with things that are new – until we figure things out and get our balance – and then suddenly we are able to do that thing almost without thinking. For those of you who drive, can you remember how hard it was when you were learning? We learned how to gauge the right pressure on the pedals – how to properly judge the turns – and how to watch out for and react to other drivers. But as time goes on you begin to do these things without having to really focus on doing them. They become an extension of you – something as natural as walking.

There are so many other situations in which we have done this and proven to ourselves that we are so capable of expansion in so many ways. But what can cause us to struggle with new things that come before us is that we forget to have TRUST!

TRUST – Trust is what you need in order to live your passion, to overcome curve balls, break through patterns that don’t serve you and let go of things that drag you down. You have to enter new paths and therefore you need trust in your core inner self and inner beliefs.

Trust that your soul is simply perfect love and truth and that you can connect to this trust-filled state.

On today’s radio program Margaret discusses the quandary of maintaining trust and ways to cultivate it. I am looking forward to this show as there have been many things in my life of late that have caused me to question some of my deep inner beliefs – and when that happens I know it is time for a reminder of all the miracles that have already happened in my life..!

This week and in the weeks to come, the radio program is moving to 6:30PM Eastern and 3:30PM Pacific for its live airing!  If you could use some help from Margaret in jump starting your internal trust –please don’t miss this program and please feel free to call in! We love your calls and they help so many people!

I wanted to share one last thing with all of you about helping other people and the 50/50 Partnership Program that I instituted a couple of weeks back. I decided to extend this program and please know that in your becoming a part of this it is not just about my helping you with a 50% discount on all of our services. You are helping me as well! You are confirming in me the trust that if we can make services more affordable that more of you will be able to take advantage of them more easily and quickly. And you are also helping me to be able to support my family and to continue to be able to do this kind of work! 

So we are supporting each other and we truly are 50/50 partners in helping each other to keep on trusting that we can change the world – we can expand the love and the care and the healing – and we can make a difference!

So I thank all of you who join this partnership for you are helping me to keep Margaret’s Messages flowing and bringing Soul’s home all over the world. You also reaffirm my trust that we are all in this together – and that together we can do anything!!! The box below has all the details and links. Let’s help each other to be all that we can be!

With great love and gratitude!


What to do when your life is falling apart?

July 11, 2017 by gerry


Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

My message this week is a little different – for it comes in two parts – one now and one later! I want to begin with the topic of what to do when you feel like your life is falling apart around you! I know that you have all experienced this feeling in one way or another and that many of you have experienced it more than once! It comes when the situations that you had been expecting turn out to be not what you had expected – so you continue to struggle to bring that which you desire into fruition and as you are doing this you are not paying attention to other parts of your life – that are slowly unraveling. It is like that small crack in the windshield of your car that happens at a time when you might not be able to afford to fix it – because you are focused on spending your money in a different direction – but then it grows larger and larger until you can no longer ignore the problem.  The issue is being able to move your focus to those things that are most important and trusting that the other things will fall into place – or maybe were not intended to fall into place after all.

Now here is the different part of this week’s message – I ask you please to join me on the radio program – live this evening at 6pm Eastern – or in a replay later in the week – where I can share my advice on how you can best address this and more importantly, why it may keep happening! I long tonight to also hear your questions about this and to help you to move forward! And I will also answer it on the blog after the show as well. I just wish so much to bring you into a community of other like minded individuals who have come here to help each other. The truth is, your lives are not falling apart, they are actually coming together in a different direction and I would love to help you to see how you can identify that direction!

Speak to you more tonight on the radio show!



When Enough is Enough!

June 27, 2017 by gerry

Hello My Fellow Travelers,


This past weekend I had the great pleasure of facilitating the Living Room Tour, at the home of Eric Belair and Courtney Ramm, on the campus of Unity of Dallas. My thanks to both of them because I think the weekend was as powerful for me as it was for the attendees. I got to participate in a Sound and Meditation healing session, that Eric coordinated and performed in, the night before the workshop and beautiful services the day after. The weekend clearly had a theme – that came out in the words Margaret spoke and even in the homily that Sr. Minister James Buchanan shared with the congregation on Sunday.  That theme was about finding missing pieces in us and one of those pieces was our individual ability to grasp the understanding that I AM ENOUGH!

Those are three really powerful words! They are also words that elude almost all of us. The word enough is in itself such an interesting word. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as: occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations. From the time that we are young children we begin to realize that our life is going to be a constant process of trying to meet the demands, needs and expectations of others. And we develop within our self a need to be able to do these things in order to feel good about us. But since every individual is constantly changing – and their needs are constantly evolving through the needs, wants and desires of others – our ability to keep up with those needs in them is almost impossible. 

So we begin to fail in meeting their expectations of us – or they fail in meeting our expectations and we all begin to develop the belief that we are not enough. We are not thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or tall enough. We are not rich enough, powerful enough, fun enough, or sexy enough.  For every human trait, belief or characteristic, there is someone feeling that they do not have enough of that! And when we feel this way then we are feeling inherently less than others. The most amazing part of this equation, however, is that this is something that EVERYONE on this planet feels to some degree.  There is always some quality that we wish that we had – and even when others might express to us their appreciation of how much we are – we may still not be able to take that in because we are focused on all that we are not!

So how do we lift our self out of the trap of feeling that we are NOT ENOUGH?  Margaret suggests that it begins by looking outside of your-self and seeing the “enough-ness” of others. If we begin with the basic understanding that everyone feels like they are not enough, then we can understand the actions that other’s take. We can appreciate their insecurities – we can feel compassionate for their weaknesses – we can better understand their prejudices and we can love them not despite these things but because we come to realize that they are just like us – and though our thoughts and struggles may be different, we are all involved in the same struggle to be “enough!” And if they then are enough – and we are all the same – then we have to be enough too!

From your soul’s perspective, you are not only enough, but in the words that Rev. James said this past weekend, “you are ‘off the charts’ enough and you just keep getting better!” Your soul does not judge you for your height, or your singing voice, or your ability to feel confident in groups – it loves you for being just who you are – this amazing being who had the courage to incarnate into a situation where it does not realize that it already is enough and that all of these experiences are about expanding your soul energy and becoming more than enough!

That is why we are here, not to help ourselves to feel as though maybe if I do this, or buy this, or take this, then I might feel like enough. But to realize that we start out as enough – and that every experience of self love and love for others; every experience of compassion and kindness; every experience of expanding limited beliefs; all lead you to moving beyond enough, the feeling of completion and wholeness – to limitless the state of who you really are! 

This week we celebrate our enough-ness and the fact that we are already “off the charts” in our being enough and that every day we are becoming even more!

Please make sure to tune into this week’s radio program as  Margaret will expand on this even more and if you would like to learn more about how we lose pieces of ourselves and sometimes get stuck in the feeling of being less than, or powerless, please check out the special video series that I recently made about the “Care and Maintenance of your Soul.”  Those who sign up for the series are eligible for a $100 discount on Soul Reclamation – just to say thank you for taking the time to learn more about your brain and your soul and helping us to help you, and others, to become more than you might have ever imagined!


You are “Off the Charts” Wonderful!

Love Gerry

It’s All Elemental

June 6, 2017 by gerry


Margaret’s Message June 6th


Last week I hinted at what I wanted to share as my message for the month of June. I wanted to speak about the three things that were held in common by the three most popular observances of the month. Those three things are Father’s Day, Graduations and Weddings – as June is one of – if not the most popular wedding month of the year. What they share in common is something very basic – they are all celebrations of new beginnings and all involve elemental shifts!

Graduation marks a milestone of movement from one form of learning to another form – whether it be from Kindergarten to Grade School – Grade School to Middle School – Middle School to High School and then on to College, Graduate Schools, Doctoral Programs – or off to different forms of employment and the graduations that they often experience through the upward movement of promotions! These new beginnings are very singular in their nature as they are the direct result of your individual accomplishments and are all about your evolution as an individual. What is interesting however is that as you are progressing as an individual you are also moving along as a “class.” And part of the success you will encounter is not only about your individual achievements, but how you also stack up against the people in your class. I bring this up only to help you to see that the very groups that give you some sense of connection, acceptance and belonging, are also the groups that are giving you a sense of separation from other groups – and a sense of lack. Regardless of all of the amazing talent that might be in a particular class there will always be just one – or maybe two – Valedictorians. These are the individuals who have set themselves apart from the rest of the group by seemingly showing the most outstanding achievements. I am not speaking poorly of these individuals – because their achievements are great – but often there are other great achievers who lose their momentum for achieving their dreams when they do not seem as important as the top GPA or attendance record.

If I were to be speaking to the Graduates of a High School Class I would urge them to not compare themselves to others – for everyone is so very different – and many different voices make for a beautiful chorus! Rather, I would advise them to do those things that will help you to progress in society – but always look for the thing that brings them the greatest joy! There are many young people who have come into this incarnation with the skills to create vast new possibilities for this planet – that will never be realized if they settle their desires to the “status quo.”

A single person can change the course of the planet and if you look through history you will see that it is the actions of singular people who are changing it all the time. You are not “graduating” and leaving behind the knowledge of the past. You are evolving to the next level of your being and your schooling is just a part of that learning. It is interesting that many modern societies have come to the belief that learning is so important that you actually require it! Your soul always desires to grow. It desires new experiences, greater knowledge and you are always seeking a deeper understanding of yourself. Regardless of your current place in life, use this month of June to graduate to your newer level of evolution and know that all of you are in a class all by yourself and have come here to be the greatest expression of yourselves that you can possibly be!

Sometimes in that desire to become the greatest expression of yourself you come across another being that helps you to reach those heights – and often you do the same for them. When this takes place it allows you to feel safer to allow a greater opening of your heart centerwhich enables you to feel a pure connection to your soul – your higher self. This feeling of your own soul’s essential energy of pure love causes you to want to continue the connection to this person, who has triggered your feeling safe to do this, and you desire to prolong your contact with them. This usually evolves into relationships and some of these relationships will evolve into a joining of permanence that you have come to call Marriage. Relationships are a “graduation” in their own right. You graduate from thinking solely of your own needs and happiness and begin to desire to spread that love and joy to others. In the healthiest of relationships you do not give up your own self-care, but you expand that caring to include others and you derive joy from doing this – just as your beloved experiences the same with you. I mentioned earlier that so many marriages take place in the month of June because it provides, in many cases, the optimal weather conditions – allowing for the most auspicious beginning to this union of two souls that have come together to form something “bigger than the both of them!

Marriage is about joining two people together as a collective unit of energy. It is like when you combine two other elements of nature – for example – hydrogen and oxygen. Either one, on their own, provides a powerful and useful purpose, but combined they create water – which is the key to the existence of the entire planet. When you begin to see yourself as energetic beings, you come to realize that it is the combination of your individual energies that often leads to magnificent new energies that allow you to create other new possibilities. One’s energy brings to the other certain elements that may be lacking in their structure. The key, if you will, to human relationships, and especially marriage, as you have created it to be a lifelong joining, is to respect the structure of each individual’s makeup – supporting them to grow that expression of their energy – while respecting your unique energy as well. You then allow those energies to blend and see what develops through this blending. As with other elements – different blends work in different ways. Some blends will produce explosive results, while others are gentle transformations and some will not blend – seeking instead to just hold onto their original structure. I hope you can see how well this applies to people in relationships as well. Some blends are so easy and produce more joy and expansion than in their original forms. In other cases, the combinations are explosive and result in constant conflicts as each form seeks to retain their unique identity – while at the same time wanting to be in this mix of energies. And finally there are those relationships in which the elements just do not blend at all. But when these energies do blend, the result is an amazing new creation – an expression of combined soul energy that allows for a far greater expansion then the two individual souls could create – because their blending was based in the expansion of love – and a new and wonderful beginning takes place.

And sometimes when two souls join together – through marriage or just through the expression of a sexual union – this blending of energies actually gives birth to an entirely new human form – and that form becomes the container for an entirely new soul. And this new soul gives the two elements that joined together another new identity – that of a father and a mother. We honor Mothers during the month of May – but it is in June that we honor the energies of Fathers. In today’s times the roles of mothers and fathers have greatly blended – especially in the case of single parents. Father’s traditionally took on the role of the provider and protector. Today that may expand to being the coach, transporter, meal maker, laundry facilitator, homework helper and emotional support. What makes this such an amazing new beginning is that – like the marriage you desire to help this new being to be the greatest expression of itself that it can – and like with graduation – you watch them develop all of the skills they will need in life – from learning to feed themselves – to walking – to learning to read and so very much more. You support their growth – but you also try to protect them! The desire to protect their young is hard wired into the brains of almost all parents of all species – but it is most complicated as it refers to humans. You desire to protect – which comes from the brain – but you also desire to help your young ones to expand – which comes from the soul – so you then seek to find that perfect blend of energies that is called balance.

So you see dear ones, what Graduation and Marriage and Father’s Day have in common is that all three speak to new beginnings and all three are best accomplished through seeking balance of your personal elements in all things. When you cook, or eat the perfect meal, it is generally because all of the elements of that dish are balanced in such a way as to compliment the other. Balance work with fun… balance learning with sharing… balance your needs with other’s needs… balance teaching your children with learning from them…balance protecting with encouraging independence… and balance every struggle with love.

You drink water, or something made with water every day. You shower with it and you cook with it. Use water as your daily reminder of how perfectly two very different elements can come together to form something so wonderful. The one part of oxygen does not become upset that there are two parts of hydrogen – the blend works. Look for what works in your life and when it does celebrate it – like you would a graduation, or a wedding – or Father’s Day! And just as all of the elements complement each other – take some time to complement yourself on those blends that you have created in this lifetime, for however long they have lasted, for all of them have helped your soul to grow its energy and for you to grow in your humanity!

Go in peace, love and elemental balance,


Values Are Like Fingerprints

May 30, 2017 by gerry


My Dear and Wonderful Friends,


This coming Wednesday night we are doing a special FREE webinar about creating a Soul Based Business and life – and one of the things that I wanted to share with everyone this week is my personal story about how a part of that program – the concept of value – has touched my life –especially recently! Margaret and I talk all about this concept in the first class of the program, going into how to determine what are the things that you truly value; what do other’s value in you; do you see yourself as being value-able; and how would you like to be remembered – what values will people remember about you.  But the most important component is teaching you how to best value yourself – and in so doing – how to not only be of service in your value of others – but how to value your own life and happiness with equal importance!  This is often a difficult concept for us to grasp as we are so used to our role as a “human-doing” – trying to do whatever we can to be of service and love to others – that we forget how to be a “human-being” – that place where we honor ourselves for who we are and not just what we do!

For most of us this isn’t something we set out to do. It is something that kind of grows around us – like a snowball rolling down a mountain. That’s what happened to me as I began to expand my work with Margaret, after the Hay House books and the radio program began reaching people throughout the world. Margaret and I wanted to be able to touch as many individual lives as possible. So, we began to offer substantially discounted rates on services that would allow us to do so. At the same time, I was moving from working full-time as a Newspaper Publisher to making this my full time vocation. So my being of service in working with Margaret not only became my passion – it became the sole support for my family – and I needed to grow it quickly! I began to notice a couple of things that happened as a result of the reduced rates. We became very busy with booking half hour readings, at 50% off and even sometimes 66% off the original rate, and Margaret always went over the half hour! Margaret often says of herself that she loves to talk! Almost every reading ran between 35 to 45 minutes. It became clear that in order to support my family, and keep the discounted rates, I would have to do two to three times the number of readings – and would need to increase my available time to do so. 

Let me be clear that I was, and still am, so very grateful for those readings and all the wonderful people who schedule them! But the increased schedule gave me little time for being with my family – let alone creating new books or programs – or follow up with clients. Many of you even kindly commented on how we were doing all this, since we were starting most days at 6am and ending at 11pm. And the more I listened to Margaret, speaking to others in readings, about creating balance in their lives – the more I realized that I needed to look more closely at how to better define my soul based life – and to avoid the burnout that has happened to me in the past when I put in too many hours and didn’t do things to care for myself. I am sure that so many, if not most of you, can relate to that burnout as well!

When I looked at how we were being of value to others, I could see that some valued the discounts because it gave them the affordability do Soul Reclamation or to ask Margaret their most burning questions. Other’s loved the extra time that Margaret would spend with them. My challenge then was how to find a way where I could still keep offering outstanding value and additional time to all of you – while creating more available time so that Margaret and I could create even more things to help expand her messages and “walk the talk” of all that we were teaching others – while also leaving me some more time for family and self! Stephen Covey, who’s work I so respect, would call this creating the “win, win, win” scenario – in which all parties would be able to receive value!

I sought out advice both from Margaret and colleagues that I greatly respect, and I think we came up with a way to do this! We found a way to keep the most affordable reading rate possible (a $50 reading), increase the amount of time for regular readings (from 30 to 45 minutes) – while even reducing the cost – and we established Easy Payment Plans for services like Soul Reclamation and Private Coaching (available now in three monthly payments)! And to make this transition easier for you, we offered substantially discounted rates for the full month of May (which ends tomorrow) as part of our Month of Expansion. We wanted to allow you the ability to expand your access to our services, through some final discounted specials, while we were designing a method to create permanent value!

While making these changes was a little scary – as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter – it was crucial to be able to find a way to offer stable ongoing services, that could offer as much value as we possibly could to all of you – while not always having to do pricing specials. The idea of something special is that it should be new and different and not part of the consistent menu of services. Most times, when you go to a restaurant and the server tells you about the specials – they aren’t regular menu items that are just lower in price! They are a creative new dishes that expand upon the regular menu and that is what we need the time to prepare for all of you. We want to create new helpful content to give you tools to make your life more joy filled! We want to offer more direct social media connection with all of you – with channeled Messages from Margaret that are both timely and inspiring! We would like to offer more Facebook LIVE events and Living Room Tour Events! And most of all we want to help to lead by example and to offer you ways to see that you can create “win,win,win” situations in your lives and that creating value in all you do – especially in how you view yourself is truly possible! I hope that all of you will love this new direction and will support us in our desire to expand how we can support you! You will find all of the details posted on the website later this week under its own slide show header. 

Why I am sharing all this with you, is that I know that this situation is not something that I alone have grappled with. So many of you struggle with how to best offer your services – especially when they are “spiritual” in nature! Even those of you with more traditional businesses, or those of you who work for others, seek to find ways where your customers or employers could better understand your value. I think that part of that begins with looking first at what your clients, or your employer currently needs and values the most in you and your services and then expanding from there.  Look first at their desires and then offer services that can answer those desires– while respecting your desires as well!

It might seem odd to be closing this message with words from none other than the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley, but I saw a quote, credited to him, saying, “Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”  I hope that in all we do that we have left fingerprints that assist you to value who you are – and who you are evolving into…a wonderful, incredible, limitless soul who is valued not just by what you perform as a “human-doing” but in whom you are as a “human-being!”    

With great love and value for all you are,


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