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Opening to an Even More Beautiful Version of You!

April 25, 2017 by gerry

Hello My Dear Friends,


I think that this could possibly be the most exciting Spring of my life! We are about to embark on an exciting new radio adventure that will allow us to bring Margaret to more people all over the world. We are touring in a totally unique way, being welcomed into people’s Living Rooms all over the US – and soon other countries – teaching them to communicate with their angels. We have launched this new weekly inspirational newsletter – and are searching for ways to offer more and more value to all of you – from the current substantially reduced rates on our services, to expanding our Soul Based Business program to a Lifetime Membership.

We chose to do these things now because Spring symbolizes the season of re-birth – and energetically we all do the same. We search and attempt to open up to a higher and better version of ourselves. Like flowers, we desire to open our potential, our capabilities, and our love to full bloom. But early Spring is also the time where unexpected heavy frosts can occur, that can be damaging the fragile blossoms. We experience the same thing with our new thoughts. Just when we begin to develop our small blossoms, starting our first steps into new territory, at the point when we just began to gain trust in our new way, we may experience something frightening, unknown or unexpected. And we realize that when we walk on unexplored pathways, we are at risk of being hurt, abandoned or even damaged. Our brain tries to move us back to previous beliefs so that we do not lose our stability. I have to be honest that many of the new changes we have created started out being a little scary too!

But can we ever reach our full potential when we stay in our safe harbor? Can we be a role model, or a compassionate support for others, if we haven’t gone through perceived lack, failure, misery and more. When we come through this we realize that not only are we still here afterward – we now have a wider range of experiences and deeper trust after having faced, and risen above, our personal setbacks! How strong can our self-confidence grow if we always sail on journeys that others set for us?

Have you ever gone through a really difficult situation in your life where you thought you never will be able to feel positive again? Most of us have experienced that, and isn’t it amazing how after some time we are able to move towards a new experience and good new positive feelings arise and trust begins to return?

Have we been a different person in the dark hours than in the light filled hours? No – we’ve always been the same. And that’s why we don’t need to fear to develop something new or different in our lives. As Margaret says, “we are connected to each other and the Creator” and so we cannot lose this energetic connection of where we came from. Our value is not determined by having achieved more or less than others, or on having lived a more easy and normal life than others. And if we are not exactly at the current place in our life that brings us our greatest joy, we always have the chance to adjust our course again.

That is the real miracle in human life, just as it is in nature: There’s always a new chance – a new day, or month, or even year to develop your blossoms and your full bloom. Your bloom can also vary every year – in the beginning of your life you might aspire excitement and adventure while in later days you enjoy more being at home in your garden – or your experience could be just the opposite  and your golden years may be the ones filled with youthful endeavors.

So even if you’ve experienced 30 years in a row in what felt like full bloom or you are seeking to experience it for the first time – It’s always in the current moment where you can plant the seeds! You can plant these seeds every day and then ask your angels to help those seeds to blossom! Make 2017 the most beautiful vintage version of You possible!

Our thoughts are with You and we wish you all the very Best on your personal Journey.

Gerry & Margaret

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