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Your Desire to develop your Soul Based Life

April 23, 2017 by gerry

Hi My Dear Friends,

You might remember that at the beginning of this year Margaret spoke about this being the “Year of Expansion” and that is not only what we are urging others to do – it is exactly what we intend to do ourselves! We are expanding our messages and our services for you! We start this week by offering our first weekly newsletter. Each week we will be offering a message from Margaret, or myself, that we hope will inspire, educate or just lighten your spirits. This week we have some exciting news about the expansion of our radio program and Margaret and I would also like to speak with you about how #2017YearOfExpansion can tie together with your potential desire to develop your own unique, personal Soul Based Business as part of your Soul Based Life.

We all have the desire for expansion in our lives. Where does this desire come from? It comes from your soul! The soul always seeks expansion! There may be some aspects in your life, which you haven’t been able to completely develop, or maybe you can’t yet figure out what it is that you are looking for, but you feel there’s something more, or something ahead that you can almost taste – and you know it would bring you more joy!

In school we learn more or less that life works a certain way: education, job, family, house, retirement… But in reality there are millions of different possibilities and ways of life you can experience.

As Margaret explains, the Creator expanded itself by creating (human) beings that have a multitude of capabilities, and therefore the possibilities for creation are infinite. So it is absolutely okay if you don’t know what exactly you want to be doing because it is part of your journey to find that out! Your soul is always looking for new expressions, new experiences, for new ways to expand.

What makes the human journey a bit complicated is the habit in our culture to measure ourselves against each other (which comes from a feeling of separation) and to focus more on the outcome than on the journey. Your soul does not look for actually reaching a certain goal, what it urges for is the experience on the way to getting to a goal and the engagement on that way with other people. And on the way to the goal the path may change because that’s how new creations come to life. So if we focus too much on the outcome we may miss the experience part and we may miss the crossroad to our unique soul path.

There’s also millions of influences every day, from the people we live with, the people we work with, from the news, advertising etc. So it’s really not that easy to understand, what aspects are more coming from outside of you and what is more from the inside out. The only way we can find that out is to try things out and to listen to ourselves in quiet moments as much as we can.

In the Soul Based Business Program, that is jointly taught by Margaret and myself, our aim is to create a safe space for you where you feel nurtured, empowered and inspired to work on your personal expansion, at your pace and to engage with other people, from around the world, who are on a similar journey. We offer you many different lessons accompanied with audio lectures, where you can explore your values, where you can reflect on your goals, how to overcome road blocks and how to create a the work or business that will bring you joy! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up everyday and you can’t wait to get to work! We want to help you to discover that feeling. To find out what feels good in your life and what components you maybe want to remove from your life.

We believe that a Soul Based Life is all about connecting with other people and a fulfilling Soul Based Business is expanding the joy in your life into being of service to others – and creating even more joy in the process! That’s why we created this program to offer you exactly that – please join us!

Learn more on our upcoming radio show today!

All the very Best – Gerry Gavin


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