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You came here to be joyful – all the rest is an illusion!

May 16, 2017 by gerry

Hello Dear Ones,

Those of you who have done readings with me, or have listened to me speak on the radio, or read either of the books, have come to realize that I am always speaking about JOY! There is a good reason for this. You experience constant joy at your soul level – which is the essence of who you truly are! When you came into this physical incarnation you desired to expand that energy into this life.

But somewhere along the road human beings get derailed from their desire to have a lifetime that is filled with joy. It begins with adults telling you that “no one ever told you that life was going to be easy;” other’s telling you to “wipe that smile off your face” when you see the humor in many rules and regulations; and finally you become so used to life being a struggle and “joy being a fleeting thing” that you come to settle into the place where “misery loves company.” There you might settle down with other like minded people who hate their jobs, or their marriages, or their government and have resigned themselves to the adage that “You are born, you pay taxes… then you die!”

How do things come so far from being the laughing and happy baby that you came into this world being – to one who can see the joy in other people’s lives, but not in their own? The answer is very simple – you learned to forget that everything is a source of joy…

And the answer to reclaiming your joy is just as simple. Lighten up! Look for “what is funny, or could potentially be funny about this situation!” That is why I love comedians! They serve such an important role in your lifetime – by helping you to see the joy in even the most difficult of experiences – and in so doing, to help you to laugh at yourself! You can listen to a comedian speak about the problems in their relationship and suddenly you see yourself in that situation and it becomes funny. You hear one talk about their children, or their job, or the current situations in the world and suddenly you are able to see that, at its core, there is humor that can be found in almost every situation – which means that there is joy to be found in everything! When you are in a club that is hosting comedians you now have an additional energetic experience of joining with like minded individuals – who are seeking to experience joy – and are sharing it as part of a community of people who do funny things!

Some of you may be reading these words and thinking to yourself – “but Margaret, I am going through such a difficult experience, how could I possibly find anything joyful about this” – and perhaps for right now it may be hard.

But at some point – when you step back from the depth of the emotion – the humor will become clear.
No one would ever have thought that when Richard Prior entered into the depth of his addiction to crack cocaine – one that eventually led him to setting fire to his house and himself – that it would lead him to create one of the funniest and most heartfelt routines of his life! One that not only helped him to heal by seeing the crazy humor of his actions – but even helped others who were struggling with addiction to see both the bizarre nature of their own actions – and to forgive themselves enough and see enough lightness – to get out of the darkness of their lives and get help.

Humor is the creation of joy in the place of frustration, anger and sadness. It also allows you to release brain chemicals that can actually help you to move out of those conditions and into a more permanent state of joy. And as your vibration grows as the result of joy, your draw more joy to you and you begin to see more joy in your other experiences. And by the way, did you know that when you use the phrase “things are looking up,” or “I’m feeling kind of down” that by actually doing those physical things it causes you to release brain chemicals. Try it, look up into the sky for a moment and then smile and feel the energetic release you get! Try smiling when you are looking down…it does not feel the same – right? Have you ever laughed to the point of tears – or cried to the point of laughter? The brain chemicals that create these releases can switch gears in a second… so why not try looking up and smiling, laughing at the things that you do – and maybe checking out a comedy show this weekend!
You came here to be joyful – all the rest is an illusion!

Go in peace, love and laughter!

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