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Margaret’s Message for May – Change the Frequency – Change Your Life!

May 2, 2017 by gerry

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,


I know that by now all of you have figured out that I am an “angel geek” about language! I love how you have created your words. I love how so many of them not only describe what you are speaking about – but many actually even describe the energy of that experience. One of those words is frequency. Frequency can describe how often one does something – like those of you who frequently listen to our radio program. In Old English, it actually referred to a gathering of people. Mathematics and Statistics have created their own meaning as the relative time something will repeat itself – Physics refers to frequency as the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, as in sound waves, or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light). You are probably most familiar with Radio waves, as the distinct location at which a radio station is sending out its distinct message, or its radio frequency. The thing about all of these definitions is that they hold something in common. The greater the frequency, the greater the signal, the greater the power!

Frequency is all about vibration – and vibration is about the very particular energy that is created by an individual cellular thought and how much that energy is amplified, or repeated by the thought energy of others. Remember dear ones that everything all around you has energy – and that all life force energy comes from your souls. So the energy attracts other energy – begins to amplify that vibration and then produces a larger energy. So by example, many of you in the world are experiencing some unexpected results in your political activities. This is due to a vibration of discontent that picks up on other discontent and that energy binds together to form a frequency of that thought – which actually creates its own vibration that attracts more of the same.

In other words, thoughts – that are thought over and over (frequency of thought) creates its own energy around that thought (vibration) which then broadcasts out into the world and attracts other similar thinkers who expand that like thought into its own bandwidth of energy – which you then interpret as reality. Or, said differently, your thoughts create your reality!

Frequency is therefore the gathering of thoughts together into a common vibrational state. This makes sense when you think of radio. It is separated into stations –which are a frequency that is locked into a specific bandwidth of vibration – and each of those broadcasts something that the people going to that station agree that they like. So some are attracted to rock and roll music and other’s classical; some seek news stations and others “talk radio,” which generally has its own structure of opinion that is given voice by the host. The more people who “frequent” the broadcast expands its popularity and the more attraction it develops and therefore more like thinkers and a more powerful signal.

What is important to note, is that every message that is being broadcast can create different vibrations. It all depends on re-action to the vibration. So your thoughts may group together not only by the things that you love – but also by what you do not love (fear). Conflicting energies can cause mixed signals that can result in all types of energetic discord. Mostly this is caused by mis-communication. Someone who’s reality is set in a certain way of thought hears something that is said by another through the filter of their experiences and they feel discomfort in some way. This can result in massive problems like global disagreements – to smaller issues like dysfunctional cell-phones.

The greatest and strongest frequency of energy that exists in the entire universe is love. Love is actually what supports all of the other energies. Love, loves everything. It understands everything. It has compassion for everything and it sees the beauty in everything. Love seeks to gather together all of the other frequencies, even the opposing ones, so that all can understand that at their soul core – it all began with love! Love seeks to expand communication on every level!

That is what angels are seeking to help the world to do at this time. We are trying to spread the message of love. We are seeking to help you to understand that while you all see yourselves as identifying with certain “stations” of thought – you are actually LOVE personified. It is why Gerry and I are seeking to broadcast this message to larger frequencies and we are asking for your help in doing this. Spread the message of love! Deep inside you know that love is the highest vibration. That is why as children you could feel the lessening of the pain of your boo-boo when a gentle kiss was placed upon it by someone you loved.

We seek to increase the frequency of how often you speak about love – about joy – about gratitude – about compassion and about understanding this unique soul journey. For this will increase the vibration of these thoughts and the frequency of your personal vibration of love. That will increase your personal joy, and as that grows it will gather other like thinkers to you, which will further increase the vibration of love within your human form – until it reaches a level that you all begin to remember that you are not just humans expressing love, YOU ARE LOVE!

Go in the frequency of peace and love,

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